Supporting Our Vision

Together we can create REAL transformation!

There are multiple way you can support the vision of Meraki Tribe Collective. Here are a few:

  • Join us on Meraki Social. Join the conversation. Be a contribition. Share your gifts and wisdom.
  • Follow us on our other Social Media platforms. Help us build a following. We are starting from ground zero so every like or follow helps . Simply click on the links below to get started.
  • Share and engage with our content. Join the conversation. Help us create a buzz.
  • Own a business? Purchase a listing. Fill it out completely. Take advantage of all the amazing features on the platform.
  • Conscious consumer? Support the businesses on the platform. Attend the events that resonate with you, buy their products and service, write reviews to let people know you had a great experience. Tell them you saw them on Meraki Tribe Collective
Donate to support our platform.

Meraki Tribe Collective is entirely self-funded we are committed to creating this vision for the conscious community to have a safe space to connect, collaborate and co-create. All donations will go to pay for promoting and improving the platform.

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