Writing a Review

Reviews are an integral part of our platform. They provide valuable feedback for our community and are fabulous for SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) They help us rank better on Google and help listings rank within the platform as well.

So if you have a listing be sure to ask your friends and clients to write a review for you…. And be sure to write review for other listings that you've had a great experience with personally.

When writing reviews please check in with your intention for the review. This platform is meant to be one of high intention to spread positivity and good will. We want you to be honest in your feedback and reviews but also ask that you check in with your motivations when posting any thing that may be considered derogatory.

My mama always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

With that said, honest feedback can give businesses valuable insight in areas they can improve when delivered with love and good intentions. It can also protect the community if a provider is out of integrity and violating the safety of others. So don't be afraid to be honest and authentic, but please refrain from posting out of anger or fear based intentions.

Also, it is very important to only write reviews for businesses you have actually done business with personally.

Let's focus on what's good in the world and creating an amazing community experience.

Prefer Video Tutorials? Watch here.

Helping Hand

Our intention is to cater to all learning styles by offering visual, video and written tutorials. So you can follow what works for you.

Prefer written instructions? Read on.

Step 1- You must be logged in to your account to write a review.
For security and integrity reasons we only allow members to write reviews on our platform. Our FREE account is all that is required to write a review. SET UP A FREE ACCOUNT
Step 2 - Navigate to the account you want to review
Find the member you want to review and click on View Listing. Click the Write a Review button and follow the prompts. It's that easy!


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