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Simplicity is our goal. We understand that we all have different skill levels and learning styles so we are going to break it down into easy to follow steps for every learning style.


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Our intention is to cater to all learning styles by offering visual, video and written tutorials. So you can follow what works for you.

Prefer written instructions? Read on.

Our vision was to create a platform where Wisdom Seekers can easily find the resources, tools, inspiration and connection they are seeking to help them become the highest versions of themselves while contributing to the healing of our planet, and our where Wisdom Keepers can easily share their gifts and knowledge with simple tools that reduce overwhelm and increase visibility, connection and transformation. Here's how to join:

Choose Your Membership Plan
We currently offer 3 membership plans
  • Wisdom Keeper (Business Plan/Interactive Listing & Tools)
  • Wisdom Seeker (Free General User Plan)
  • Individual Influencer ( Paid Individual Promotion Partner)


Set up your Mindful Marketplace Account
All members must start here. Our Mindful Marketplace is a publicly available online directory for Conscious Creators - we call them Wisdom Keepers - to share their conscious offerings and for Conscious Consumers - we call them Wisdom Seekers - to find conscious services, events, offers and community. Meraki Social is our private members only social community - it is private and invite only so we can create and intentional container that is intimate, safe and allows for deeper connection, real conversations and transformation. Your invite is inside the marketplace dashboard.


PLEASE NOTE: It is super important to use the same email and password for ALL accounts.
Please use an email that is valid and you access often as important notifications - including leads and communications from the platform - will go there. You will receive an email to validate your account and you must click it to activate your account.

(We have been working for a while to get SSO (single sign on) implemented but unfortunately technology is not cooperating quite yet so for now there are a few extra steps. Thanks for your patience.)

Set up your Mindful Marketplace Profile
Once your account is activated you will be taken to your Marketplace Dashboard. This is where you will manage your account and get your personal invite to Meraki Social. It very important that you add a photo and your location. Accounts do not show up as valid until you have added your photo.

Wisdom Seekers & Individual Influencers - your profile photo will only be publicly visible on the Marketplace when you write reviews. The location is only used to generate accurate geo-specific search results.

Wisdom Keepers - It is essential that you complete and optimize your profile if you want to be found and get the most out of all of the amazing tools on Meraki. We provide several indepth courses and tools to support you in getting set up. Instructions to access are found in your Marketplace Dashboard.

Set up your Meraki Social community Profile
Inside your Marketplace Dashboard you will find your personal invite to join Meraki Social. Click the button and a panel will open where you can set up your Meraki Social profile. Follow the prompts and it should be a very simple process.

Please add a profile pic right away and complete your profile. Our request is that you use an actual photo of you and the name you go by inside the private social community so we can get to know the real you and create real connections.

PLEASE NOTE: It its imperative you use the same email and password for both accounts. We are currently working to implement SSO (single sign on) and we need the info to match for it to be implemented correctly. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Important notice to Wisdom Keepers & Individual Influencers
Once your Marketplace and Meraki Social profiles are complete you will need to apply for your Influencer Affiliate Account and get your affiliate links. Don't worry - we have simple tutorials for your to follow and a FREE Influencer Marketing Mini Course to support you in getting set up for success and profits!


We hope you found this tutorial helpful. We would love to hear your feedback. We are actively looking to collaborate and make this platform the go-to-place for conscious community!

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