Install Our WebApp

Our ultimate goal is to have a native Apple and Android app which is in planning stages now. We plan to launch in 2nd quarter 2023 - although it is subject to change if we run into obstacles. Our biggest potential obstacle is potentially censorship from Apple and Google due to the fact that we openly discuss alternative medicine and healing strategies, sustainable and unconventional lifestyle practices that. Might violate their terms and conditions and we refuse to censor free speech. So we shall see!

Prefer written instructions? Read on.

We created an online portal to easily access all things Meraki Tribe Collective. You can even add it as a webapp to your home screen on your phone or tablet to make it easy to access Meraki's Mindful Marketplace and Meraki Social on all your devices.


Here's how: open on your device or scan QR code on your phone.
> Click the center icon (square with up arrow)  
> Scroll down to  Add to Home Screen (square with plus sign) and voila it will add the icon to your device for easy access.
> Now you access Meraki Tribe Collective anytime by clicking the icon.


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