Understanding Sticky Cookies

What are "Sticky Cookies" ?

A "sticky cookie" is a tracking pixel (or small piece of code) applied to ones browser for tracking purchases when clicking on an influencer's affiliate link. These cookies, also known as tracking cookies, track who should get a referral commission for sharing the referral link. The browser stores the code snippet and checks against purchases to see if an influencers cookie exists, and if so it credits the sale to the influencer and pays them the commission.
A "cookie" is simply a technology that
helps remember info about you.

Our platform uses 90 day "sticky cookies" - which is really good for you as an influencer. This means that when someone clicks on your personal influencer link a tracking pixel is placed and if they sign up for a business listing membership during the next 90 days you get paid.

PLEASE NOTE: Our system credits the first Influencer who's link is clicked on so if a person clicks on multiple people's link - the first one gets credit.

Making Sense of Sticky Cookies - Explained for Beginners

Have you ever noticed that when you’ve visited a website more than once, the website remembers certain information about you? This is because of “sticky cookies.” But what exactly are sticky cookies, and how do they work? Let’s take a look at the basics of sticky cookies, so you can be aware when they are being used and understand their purpose.

What Are Sticky Cookies?
A sticky cookie is a type of tracking technology that websites use to remember your preferences or logins. For example, if you enter your username and password into a website, the site will store that information as a cookie so it remembers your login information each time you return. Some websites also use sticky cookies to customize content based on what you have viewed in previous visits.

Sticky cookies are stored on your computer or device, not on the website itself. Anytime you visit that website again, the cookie allows the website to recognize your computer from its previous visit. This helps the website personalize its experience for each visitor. Sticky cookies are also known as persistent cookies or permanent cookies because they remain stored on your device until you delete them or until their expiration date passes. This is different from session-based cookies (also called temporary cookies), which only last until the end of your browsing session and are deleted shortly after each visit.

How Do Sticky Cookies Work?
When a user visits a website for the first time, an anonymous ID number is assigned and stored as a cookie on their device. Whenever that user returns to the same site in future visits, the browser sends this ID back to the server along with other data such as pages visited and items purchased. The server then recognizes that it has seen this user before and can personalize its experience accordingly by displaying ads or personalized content that is relevant to this particular user based on their past behavior. In addition to tracking users' activity across multiple visits, some sites also use sticky cookies to track users across different devices—for example, if someone logs into their account using both mobile phone and laptop computer during separate visits. This allows sites to tailor content even when users switch devices in between visits!

The Benefits of Sticky Cookies
Sticky cookies offer a variety of benefits for both businesses and users alike. For businesses, they provide valuable insights into user behavior and preferences so they can tailor their content accordingly. This allows them to better target their audience and deliver more relevant content or ads. For users, sticky cookies make their online experience much smoother as they don’t have to manually set their preferences each time they visit a website or search for something online. They also help keep unwanted advertisements from popping up on websites they visit frequently.

Understanding how sticky cookies work helps us become more conscious creators who can make informed decisions about how we interact with websites online—and how we want our data tracked in general! Being aware of these technologies allows us to protect our privacy while still enjoying all of the benefits offered by personalization features like remembering login credentials and customized content recommendations from favorite websites We hope this article has helped demystify what sticky cookies are and how they work! Now go forth with newfound clarity about sticky cookies!

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